Knit Knat Knit-zine

Style Guide

Knit Knat  Style Guide, v1

Please ensure your pattern submissions follow this format EXACTLY.
My e-mail address:

My Website:

Pattern name
by Designer Name
Difficulty [Easy, Intermediate, Advanced, Very Experienced ]
Description of pattern and design features/inspiration
Photo credit [model/photographer, if applicable]


XS [S, M, L, 1X, 2X, 3X] (shown in size ??)
Chest: # [#, #, #, #, #, #] inches
Length: # [#, #, #, #, #, #] inches


[MC] ManufacturerName [fiber content; yd/m per XXg skein]; color: ColorName; # [#, #, #] skeins
[CC] ManufacturerName [fiber content; yd/m per XXg skein]; color: ColorName; # [#, #, #]  skeins
# set(s) US #XX/Xmm double-point needles
# set(s) US #XX/Xmm straight needles
# length-inch US #XX/Xmm circular needle
notions required [list all]


# sts/# rows = 4″ in stockinette stitch


Any specific stitches to your pattern or necessary notes


Pattern Item [back, front, sleeves, etc]

Pattern details
Finishing details
Short bio goes here, please. Please send a headshot.

Additional notes:
·        Knit Knat designs will use CYC standard sizing beginning Spring ‘06, Please make sure that you use these design +. Full details can be found here:

·        US spellings are our standard.
·        Abbreviations that begin a sentence should be capitalized
·        Use “inches”, not inch symbol [“] universally
·        Use “work” [not “knit”] when describing following a specific pattern for a specific measurement.
·        For multiple instructions, indicate as follows: 12[13, 14, 15]
note: no space between first number and bracket
·        Do not use fractions. Please use decimals or write the fractions in words (i.e. one-quarter or .25)

This style guide is a complilation of standards from across the industry and are used as a guide for ease in publishing.

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