Knit Knat Knit-zine

Submission Guidlines


All design submissions for the spring issue must be received by March 1, 2006, and include the following, sent as ATTACHMENTS to your e-mail message:

1. A complete written knitting pattern that adheres to the Knit Knat style guide in an MS Word or text-only document. Please make sure that you follow the guidelines as to format in the style guide file, and follow the style exactly when creating your submission. Your work will be edited for grammer and format.

Do not include photos in your pattern document.

Please Attach them to your e-mail along with the pattern file.

 A table of Knit Knat’s standard abbreviations can be found at the bottom of this file. List any unusual abbreviations and their definitions at the beginning of your pattern in the Pattern Notes section.
Patterns must include the following: brand name, colors and fiber content of yarn used; yardage per ball or skein; quantity of yarn required per size. If the yarn you have used is discontinued by the time your pattern is submitted, please list an alternate that will produce similar results. Your pattern will be edited to meet our standards.
You must include a gauge indicator [4×4″ square, over stockinette stitch, showing stitch AND row count] for those knitters who wish to substitute yarns. Please use current, commercially available yarns whenever possible.
Patterns sized to as wide a range as possible [from XS to 3X for women, for example] will be greatly appreciated by more readers and given preferential consideration by our editor. All designs published in Knit Knat will follow the CYC sizing standards starting with our Spring 2006 issue. Please familiarize yourself with the sizing charts, which you’ll find here. You may use these standards immediately if you wish.
2. A clean sketch of the silhouette of the pattern [see example at right] that shows all relevant measurements. If your pattern covers multiple sizes, please indicate their measurements as well. The sketch should be provided as a GIF file, or EPS artwork, if you are able. Clean, hand-drawn sketches are acceptable.
3. A selection of clean digital images [JPG, best possible quality] of the finished project at 72dpi, at least 500 pixels wide and no larger than 1.5MB. You may include more than one photo — in fact, we encourage it.
Please ensure that all relevant design features are visible in the photo, since this often helps people follow patterns. The style and quality of your photos is very important, so show your work to its best advantage! Have a photo shoot, take lots of different shots from different angles and have fun with it!
Are you a designer that’s new to Knit Knat? [as in we haven’t published your work before]: It’s absolutely essential that your submission photos be clear, bright and of the style that we request above. The quality of the photos is an essential component of everyone’s submission. We have had to reject excellent patterns because the photographs weren’t well-lit, sharp and/or appealing.

So in order to evaluate each submission properly, every submission MUST contain photos that are good enough to publish.
Note: if you do not have a digital camera, most photo developers are able to provide you with a photo CD for each roll of film you have developed. This gives you a good-quality JPG file for each photo.
You can also take your developed photos to a place like Kinko’s where they’ll scan them in for you and give you an electronic file that you can attach to your e-mail submission. Print out this page, bring it along and point them to item 3 above so that they know what resolution and file size you require.
3a. We will place one design on the cover of each issue. In order to improve your chances of making it on the cover, here are some hints:
·         shoot the photo in a well-lit [natural light] place
·         the background of the photo should be interesting and contrast with the garment/item but be non-distracting. Avoid the standing-against-a-tree pose, please.

  • remember: this is a publication with a sense of humor and we’re not afraid of different; we prefer it.

4. Contact details — please include:
– Your name as you wish it to be published
– an e-mail address where readers can send questions or feedback
– the URL to your website or blog, if you wish us to link to you
– a short bio [100 words max], written in 3rd person
– a blurb describing the item in question
– a headshot of you
– the name of any models featured in photographs you submit
– the photographer’s name
5. A signed, dated statement that the pattern you are submitting is your own original work. Please copy the following text, sign below and include it with your submission:
By submitting a design to be published in Knit Knat, I verify that I am the original creator of the work, and that I have not infringed and/or violated the existing intellectual property rights of any third person in the creation of the work I claim as mine. Further, I agree to hold Knit Knat, and its editors and publisher harmless from any and all expenses, losses, liabilities, damages or third-party claims that may arise from any infringement and/or violation of such intellectual property rights. The one-time Advertisement, issue, and website link given by Knit Knat, is my full compensation for all electronic, Computer-readable and/or Print media distribution rights. This notice will serve as my written permission to allow my pattern and all related images to be published in Knit Knat magazine in its current format and in any future format in perpetuity.

This style guide is a compliation from more that one source and is an accurate example of industry standards.


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